Commercial UV & Ozone Sterilisation

Absolute Process Solutions are the Supply and Service Agent for Dinies in New Zealand and Australia.

UV sterilisation is used in many applications within the food and medical arenas. As well, is used extensively in the HVAC fields to ensure air moved throughout their system is sterile and free from Odours.

Through an effective UV Sterilisation Application, the shelf life for Food products can be extended, and in some cases, sanitised to ensure the products meet Hygienic Standards, all without chemicals, heat or water.

The original integrity of the product is not compromised.


  • Food
  • Water
  • Climate / Ventilation
  • Healthcare
  • Ozone

UV Radiation is a natural part of our sunshine, UV-A and UV-B penetrate the earth’s atmosphere, but the UV-C which we use, is completely absorbed by the atmosphere.

We use only the UV-C option.  Bacteria are killed using the UV-C at a wavelength of 253.7 Nm.  This same technology is used to decontaminate Air, water and contact surfaces.

The UV-C radiation alters the DNA of the microorganism and reproduction is no longer possible.

Advantages of the UV Technology   

  • Extends the Shelf Life Of products
    • No Chemicals are used 
    • No Heat or water is used
    • Does not degrade the product in any way
    • Lowers surface bacterial counts by up to 99%
    • Low cost Treatment
    • Easy to Use

Areas of application

UV Sterilisation Technology can be used in many different applications:

  • Food industry for reduction of bacterial counts on the product surface
  • Disinfection of packages prior to Critical Hygiene Areas
  • Disinfection of Transportation boxes and crates
  • Decontamination of packing materials
  • Decontamination of Dentists & Dr’s surgeries & waiting rooms
  • Decontamination of Retail, Hospitality and Food areas
  • Sanitation of seeds
  • Sanitation of fine powders and Herbs and spices
  • Sanitation of nuts and other particulates
  • Sanitation of product holding vessels

Ozone Sanitation Treatment

The same UV-C Ray, when the wavelength is changed to 185nm’s, alters the oxygen molecule from the air to ozone.  This strong oxidative medium can be used to neutralise odours, and also destroys bacterial cells.

This particular application is used in many fields to sanitise surfaces.  This can be used in the medical field as well as the food industry. 

Unsanitary Product vessels can contaminate products in many ways, and following a clean,   this technology can be placed inside the vessel to sterilise all of the vessels interior surfaces.

This technology does not use chemicals, water or heat and offers a very cost effective solution to optimise your food safety programme, while not affecting the equipment or product in anyway.