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DMN Rotary Valves & CIP Rotary Valves

Suitable for clean in place (CIP) process systems.

These rotary valves and diverters have a well-established reputation for being able to handle all kinds of dry powders and granular materials

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DMN Product Information AL-AXL.pdf

Drum Pumps

These pumps are good for pumping products directly out of large containers like 200 litre drums.

The dump is a positive displacement pump, so is very good for moving very viscous substances like honey.

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Kiber Pump

The Kiber pump is a positive displacement pump, capable of pressures up to 12Bar. The very smooth operation of this pump makes it very acceptable for sensitive products in all food industries.

It can be used for Cream, Honey and many other very viscous substances.

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Inoxpa Filters

Inoxpa filters have 3 different type: straight through, angular, or the Y type
Filter screens can go from Perforated Screens, 5mm holes, 2mm, 1mm and 0.5mm holes.

For the wedgewire screens, 400 micron, 200, 100 and 50 micron screens.

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Inoxpa Mixers and blenders

These mixers are used in the Dairy Industry, and especially in the honey Industry to break down Honey Crystals.

This pump can break down Crystallised honey to a free flowing product so that production can be maintained at an acceptable rate.

The very fine tolerances within the pump break down the crystals to such an extent where the honey is now very flow able.

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Inoxpa Portable CIP Systems

Inoxpa Manufacture a large range of Portable CIP systems, also will tailor make a solution for your need. 1, 2 or 3 tanks systems can be made, all with any special applications you require.

Water Heating systems, pumps, valves, manual or Automated, flow meters, or any other special application you may need.

Inoxpa Site Glasses

Sight glasses for all type of vessels with Glass or Polycarbonate, withstanding very good pressures and varying sized diameters.

Sight glasses for in line pipes, 1” through to 4”, in Polycarbonate or glass, and can be fitted with a safety guard, minimising the opportunity of breakage.

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Jacob Fittings

A large range of Jacob fittings are held in stock and all other parts are available in a short period of time.

Please enquire for whatever your requirements are.

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Process Data Flow Meters

These Mag Flow meters are used extensively on all milk tankers within New Zealand. 1” through to 4” are available, measuring from very low volumes up to 200,000 M³ per hour

These meters are well renowned for the accuracy and reliability under very severe operational conditions.

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Prolac Centrifugal Pumps

These pumps are a typical Centrifugal pump, capable of very high flow rates. The Prolac HCP pump is very efficient and used extensively in New Zealand in many applications with in the food and beverage industries.

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