Critical Hygiene Areas Sterilisation

Ozone is a natural cleaning agent to keep the atmosphere clean.  Ozone is a very aggressive oxidising agent which eliminates odours and smells and kills all bacteria and viruses. 

Ozone only has an active life of about 40 minutes and then is naturally reduced back to Oxygen.

All models produced by Dinies have UVC Ozone generating lamps which have an operating life of about 8,000 hours.

In areas where there is a high air movement and also that same air is being conveyed to processing areas and critical hygiene areas, it is imperative that air is free from pathogens and any other bacteria which may cause illness, or create a food safety risk.

There are a number of applications which can be used to treat that air and ensure Pathogens are not circulated into critical hygiene areas.

Boot Exchanges and Similar Critical Hygiene Areas

A UV radiator can be installed to kill the air borne bacteria in these areas.  The UV Unit operates 24 hours per day, people are quite safe during its operation and over a period of time bacterial levels will drop to extremely low levels and those low levels are maintained by killing pathogens, and any other spoilage organisms.

Installation of a small UV unit into a very busy medical waiting room produced the following Bacterial Level results.

The higher untreated results were too numerous to count.