We’re setting up a new plant with some unusual process features – can you create a design to incorporate what we need?

Yes, we can. Process design is an Absolute Process Solution specialty

Can you train our team to do the maintenance?

Indeed, we can. Give us some of your staff while we’re servicing and we’ll train them to your specific site’s mechanical processing system. What’s more, we’ll train them on the type and purpose of a given valve/component, as well as how to service them. Discuss this option with us before we arrive on site.

Can you improve our process design?

Only if your existing process design hasn’t been engineered to top efficiency and cost-effective design potential. We have improved many process designs around the country.

Can you install a processing plant?

We have access to the highest trained personnel and can organise to have your plant installed according to our design specifications. We have vast experience in Project Management.

Our maintenance engineer has isolated a faulty valve and we need a new one – do you supply components?

Yes, we do and it’s likely that we’ll have your component in stock. Give us a call and we’ll help you identify the part and get it out to you.

Do you service the petroleum industry?

No we do not. We restrict our practice to the sanitary food processing arena.

Do you design and service non-sanitary mechanical processing systems?

We do not offer service to the industrial sector. Our practice is limited to the Sanitary Food sector i.e. Dairy, Honey, Beverage, and Sanitary Food processing.

What hours are you open?

Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm but available 24/7 if emergency diagnostics, repairs, or servicing is required.

Where are your travel limits?

Currently anywhere New Zealand

How does your pricing compare with industry standards?

Tony Schicker is the industry go-to. We offer good value for a fair and honest price.

Help. We have isolated the area of the problem and the likely faulty or worn-out part, but we don’t know what it’s called to re-order it?

No problem. Tony can usually tell you exactly what you’re looking for without even seeing it – courtesy of 50 years on the job – but if you want to be certain, supply a good quality image of the part in-situ up close, and another much wider shot so Tony can see it in context of the plant.