Product Holding Vessels Sterilisation

Ozone Treatment for Critical Hygiene Areas and Product Holding Vessels.

The same UV Ray at 185nm’s creates the Ozone Molecule.  This molecule sterilises any surfaces that it comes into contact with.

In Production areas where people are not in attendance for periods of time, this area can be treated with the Ozone Unit and the room essentially sterilised prior to the next production taking place. Staff cannot be present while the Ozone molecules are present, but as the molecule is very unstable, it only takes a short period of time before access can be allowed.

Place the unit in a room or vessel, set the timer, and when out of the room, or clear of the vessel, turn the unit on.

Storage Vessels

Some larger storage vessels may be very difficult to clean, or water is not allowed in certain applications.

The introduction of an Ozone producing unit allows for the sterilisation of the internal surfaces.  Following Intrusive Maintenance on large vessels, or product change over, the internal surfaces of vessels can be sterilised.

No water, Chemicals or heat are required, again another very cost effective solution to sanitise areas which otherwise may be very difficult.