Absolute Process Solutions (APS) has a tremendous food industry production knowledge-base and offers service support with Evidence-based service programmes, Process Solutions, and Knowledgeable Spare parts supply across a large range of equipment in the sanitary food-processing industry (dairy, honey, food, beverages).

The knowledge collected over fifty years allows us to assess problems quickly because we’ve seen it all before, and to make the best remedial recommendations based on that knowledge. The benefits to you are an efficiently maintained plant, process designs, access to the best expertise New Zealand has to offer, and very competitive rates.

Process Solutions

Getting your process right is critical. In consultation, Absolute Process Solutions can study your entire existing process before breaking it down into segments to which solutions can be applied.

They can also recommend specific equipment when remedial work is required, as well as for a new plant.

Absolute Process Solutions (APS) can isolate the problem, conduct a Root Cause Analysis (RCA), with your staff, and in so doing, train them to manage maintenance and identify process issues.

Parts and Component Supplier

Absolute Process Solutions (APS) carries spare parts for a large range of processing equipment, or can import it at short notice. This includes valves, filters, CIP Systems, UV tunnels, pumps, flow meters, heat exchangers, explosion vents, and much more. Please see our Product Specifications page.

We have access to qualified professionals at short notice if we are not immediately available in an emergency.

Evidence-based maintenance programmes

We have developed an evidence-based programme to predict service intervals of valves. This programme has been generated from the analysis of many thousands of Elastomers. This information is used to predict the service interval of a valve, rather than the time-based service programmes used historically.
Hundreds of valves being serviced before it is necessary add up to high maintenance costs. Our evidence-based service programme minimises these costs, while ensuring the operability of each asset.

Our fast-response personalised service is available anywhere in New Zealand.